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District of Delaware Judge Robinson Takes Senior Status, Leading to Changes in Case Assignment Practices

On February 3, 2017, the United States District Court for the District of Delaware announced that with the celebration of her birthday today, Judge Sue L. Robinson has officially become a Senior United States District Court Judge.  With Judge Robinson’s senior status, the Court has modified certain case assignment practices. 

  • Senior Judge Robinson will not be assigned any new civil or criminal cases.
  • Until the filling of the judicial vacancy, the Court will create a new docket referred to as “Vacant Judgeship” or “VAC.”  All new civil cases will be assigned to one of the active District Judges or to “VAC.”
  • A Magistrate Judge will be also be assigned to the “VAC” cases and they will have the full authority permitted by law to manage the docket. When necessary, cases on Senior Judge Robinson’s docket or the on “VAC” docket will be reassigned to one of the active District Judges.
  • Senior Judge Robinson expects to continue on the Court until the summer.  The Court hopes the current vacancy will be filled in a timely manner.

See the Court announcement for full details.


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