Legal Opinions

Morris Nichols attorneys are often called upon to provide third-party legal opinions on a wide array of Delaware law issues.  Leveraging the Firm’s experienced opinion practice with our deep knowledge of Delaware law, Morris Nichols is able to provide various opinions on complicated transactions, including:

  • Opinions in connection with debt and equity financing transactions, including opinions on matters arising under the Delaware UCC.
  • Opinions required by lenders and rating agencies in structured finance transactions, including opinions involving special purpose entities and bankruptcy-remote entities.
  • Opinions in connection with the formation of investment funds, the admission of investors and transactions involving investment funds.
  • Opinions in connection with cross-border transactions involving Delaware entities or Delaware law governed contracts.
  • Exhibit 5 opinions and other opinions required in connection with registered securities offerings.
  • Opinions on matters of Delaware trust law and transactions involving Delaware trusts.
  • Opinions that may be relied upon by the board or directors or other governing authority of a Delaware entity, such as opinions regarding whether a transaction constitutes a sale of “substantially” all of the entity’s assets, opinions regarding interpretations of an entity’s governing documents and opinions in respect of stockholder proposals.
  • Opinions in connection with mergers and acquisitions transactions.

For transactions involving multiple practice areas, our attorneys work collaboratively and efficiently to provide seamless advice to our clients.




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