Our future success is the quality of our associates.

Compensation & Benefits

Morris Nichols traditionally has been the leader among Wilmington firms in compensation and benefits.  Compensation and benefits for associates include:

  • First-year associate annual salary $175,000
  • Associate Bonus Program
  • A 401(k) profit sharing plan that permits employees, upon eligibility date, to make an elective salary deferral to the Firm’s 401 (k) plan. Associates may make pre-tax contributions up to the maximum allowed by law.  The firm also makes contributions on the employee’s behalf when they become eligible to receive such contributions under the terms of the plan.  Although the level of such contributions is discretionary from year to year, the firm has made contributions of up to 9.5% of compensation in prior years.
  • Health, life and disability insurance
  • Flexible spending plan
  • Four weeks vacation
  • $5,000 bar study stipend for new, entry-level associates, plus bar review course, and application fees including required background check
  • License fees and dues for the American and Delaware State Bar associations
  • Tuition and travel expenses for continuing legal education programs
  • Mobile smart phone
  • Dependent care assistance plan
  • Transportation reimbursement benefit plan

Cost of Living

Morris Nichols offers competitive compensation and benefits packages.  The cost of living in the Wilmington area is considerably more reasonable than other large metropolitan areas in the United States.  Delaware has no sales tax and Wilmington’s city wage tax and property taxes are among the lowest in the area.

Cost of Living

[  Price difference compared to Wilmington, DE  ]

For your benefit, we created a snapshot that compares the price difference of goods and services in Wilmington, DE based on the $175,000 annual associate starting salary at Morris Nichols.

Comparable Salary
Health Care
Boston $240,320 3% less 88% more 35% more 16% more 35% more
Chicago $200,511 1% less 41% more 14% less 33% more 1% more
New York (Manhattan) $387,210 26% more 350% more 12% more 37% more 15% more
Philadelphia $190,111 6% more 18% more 19% more 21% more 5% more
Washington, DC $252,669 4% more 131% more 9% more 18% more no difference

CNN Money logo Data source: CNN Money (http://money.cnn.com/calculator/pf/cost-of-living) (8/1/18)