Our future success is the quality of our associates.

Associate Life

At Morris Nichols, we recognize that a key component of our Firm’s ongoing vitality and future success is the quality of our associates.  Our associate training program is designed not only to develop your legal skills, but also to challenge you to become the best that you can be as individuals.  Associate development at Morris Nichols happens in an environment that encourages personal responsibility and individuality.

Working With Partners

Your assignments will be meaningful and challenging from day one.  Because the primary element of associate development at Morris Nichols is hands-on training, our associates learn by doing. Our structure, particularly our partner-to-associate ratio and the varied and complex matters in which our attorneys are engaged, provides unparalleled training opportunities.  In most cases, associates work directly with partners, and every opportunity is taken to expose junior associates to the principal elements of their projects -- whether they involve a corporate takeover, patent infringement suit or the reorganization of a debtor in bankruptcy.

Substantive Work

Morris Nichols encourages associates to assume responsibility quickly.  Our associates routinely take depositions, negotiate agreements and communicate directly with clients, as they learn from the Firm’s partners, whose skills have given Morris Nichols its national reputation for excellence.  New attorneys find that the Firm’s emphasis on associate responsibility moves them forward faster when compared with their peers at other firms.

Building Partner Relationships

To provide continuity in the development and training process, associates are generally assigned to work primarily with one or two of the Firm’s partners each year.  This permits partners and associates to develop long-term working relationships and also permits partners to guide the associates’ training and development through the year and give frequent informal guidance in the context of work-related assignments.

Constructive Feedback

In addition, the Firm’s associates receive an annual confidential review by members of the Lawyer Development Committee to provide constructive criticism and helpful feedback.  The reviews are based on input from all the partners with whom each associate has worked in the past year and are an integral part of the associate development process.  They are designed to identify each associate’s strengths and weaknesses to maximize the learning process.


Morris Nichols seeks to hire exceptional law students preferably in the top 10-15% of their class with law review experience, excellent writing skills and strong undergraduate credentials.

We also supplement our entry-level hiring with selective offers to judicial clerks.  Attorneys who complete judicial clerkships immediately following law school and then join Morris Nichols are treated as members of their law school graduating class for purposes of seniority and compensation.

We welcome applications from highly qualified lateral candidates.  Interested candidates should send a cover letter addressed to Crystal Deazle at the contact information listed below, resume, transcript and a recent writing sample to Jessica Tomb (jtomb@mnat.com).  If you prefer to apply online, click on LawCruit to go to our online application.


Crystal Deazle
Crystal D. Deazle, JD

Director of Professional Development & Legal Recruitment

(302) 351-9246 T

Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP is an equal opportunity employer. M/F/VV/D