The Business Lawyer—Seventy-Five Years Covering the Rise of Alternative Entities

Morris Nichols attorneys Don Parsons, Jason Russell and Koah Doud contributed a look-back article on alternative entities to the 75th Anniversary edition of The Business Lawyer.

Through the years, alternative entities have evolved in complexity and grown in popularity, particularly limited partnerships (“LPs”) and limited liability companies (“LLCs”).

The authors start by examining alternative entity history and its coverage by The Business Lawyer, followed by a discussion on the continued development of alternative entities over the last thirty years. This article then briefly identifies a few important substantive issues in alternative entity law that have been covered by The Business Lawyer in recent decades, before considering “hot topics” currently at issue.

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Donald F. Parsons, Jr., R. Jason Russell, Koah M. Doud, “The Business Lawyer—Seventy-Five Years Covering the Rise of Alternative Entities,” ABA The Business Lawyer (Fall 2020).

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