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District of Delaware Provides Update on Case Assignments and Magistrate Judges

On October 1, 2018, the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware provided an update on case assignments and magistrate judges. The announcement was issued a month and a half after the Court welcomed new Judges Colm F. Connolly and Maryellen Noreika and eliminated the vacant judgeship docket.

Case Assignments

With Judge Connolly and Judge Noreika now on the bench, and with the retirement of Judge Sleet last week, the Court confirmed that all open cases formerly assigned to Judge Sleet and the vacant judgeship docket have been reassigned to an active district judge. Cases that were formerly assigned to visiting judges that have not been reassigned to a district judge will remain assigned to the respective visiting judges. Newly-filed cases are being assigned in essentially equal numbers to Chief Judge Stark, Judge Andrews, Judge Connolly, and Judge Noreika.

Modified Plan for the Utilization of Magistrate Judges

Starting today, the Court is modifying its utilization of the three magistrate judges with respect to newly-filed cases. Chief Magistrate Judge Thynge will work with all four district judges, Magistrate Judge Burke is paired with Judges Stark and Noreika, and Magistrate Judge Fallon is paired with Judges Andrews and Connolly.

Read the Court’s full announcement here.

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