DINGed, But Not Dented

Trusts, Estates & Tax Group partner Todd Flubacher authored ”DINGed, But Not Dented” featured in the July 2013 edition of Trusts & Estates Magazine.

So-called “DING trusts” (the acronym stands for Delaware Incomplete Gift Non-Grantor Trust) present a unique opportunity for state income tax planning for clients living in select states.  The article traces the rocky history of DING trusts which has culminated in a positive IRS private letter ruling issued on March 8, 2013.  The article describes how the DING trust structure, with a few variations to the original design, remains a viable tool for reducing or even eliminating a trust’s state income tax burden. 

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Trusts & Estates is the monthly journal for estate planning and wealth management professionals.  Published since 1904, feature articles discuss estate planning and wealth preservation strategies and trends, paying particular attention to the impact of changes in U.S. Federal tax laws and IRS codes.  Monthly issues focus on new tax legislation, ethics, investments strategies, financial planning, elder law, charitable giving and financial services.

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Todd A. Flubacher, “DINGed, But Not Dented,” Trusts & Estates Magazine (July 2013)


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