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Delaware Court of Chancery Holds Newly-Enacted 20-Year Statute of Limitations for Certain Contracts Applies Retroactively

In 2014, Section 8106(c) of Title 10 of the Delaware Code was enacted to permit contracting parties to specify a contractual limitations period of up to 20 years in written contracts involving at least $100,000.  In the absence of such specification, a three-year statute of limitations applies to most contract claims.  In the first judicial opinion to interpret the new statute, Bear Stearns Mortgage Funding Trust 2006-SL1 v. EMC Mortgage LLC, the Delaware Court of Chancery held that Section 8106(c) applies retroactively to contracts entered into before the statute took effect on August 1, 2014.  The Court also provided important guidance regarding claim accrual and the application of Delaware’s borrowing statute.

Click here to download the Morris Nichols analysis of the opinion.


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