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Delaware Bankruptcy Court Releases 2017 Local Rule Amendments

On February 1, 2017, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (the “Delaware Bankruptcy Court”) released the 2017 version of the Local Rules for the United States Bankruptcy Court District of Delaware (Effective February 1, 2017) (the “Local Rules”). As a courtesy to our clients and friends, the Morris Nichols Business Reorganization & Restructuring Group has summarized the most significant revisions to the Local Rules relevant to business bankruptcy practice in the Delaware Bankruptcy Court. For your reference, we also provide links to the updated 2017 Local Rules and a redline version of the 2017 Local Rules marked to show changes against the 2016 Local Rules.

Significant modifications to the Local Rules include, but are not limited to, the following: (i) the addition of new sub-part (f) to Local Rule 1001-1, which clarifies the relationship between the District Court Rules and the Local Rules; (ii) the extension of Local Rules 2002-1(b), 2002-1(h), 4001-1(b), 7004-2(a), 9013-1(m) and 9029-3 to chapter 15 cases; (iii) new Local Rule 9029-2, which contemplates the application of Guidelines for Communication and Cooperation between Courts in Cross-Border Insolvency Matters in cross-border cases; (iv) per revised Local Rule 2002-1(f)(viii), provision for public access, subject to certain limitations, to all proof of claim images in cases in which a Notice and Claims Agent has been appointed; (v) per revised Local Rule 2016-2(e)(iii), fixing new per page charge limits for copying and fax transmission charges in professional fee applications; and per revised Local Rule 9018-1, the establishment of new procedures governing the retention and disposal of trial exhibits.

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