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Court of Chancery Approves Settlement of Stockholder Challenge to “Dead Hand Proxy Put” and Offers Important Guidance on Prior Ruling

In approving a settlement of a stockholder class action challenging a so-called “dead hand proxy put” provision in a credit agreement between Healthways, Inc. and SunTrust Bank, Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster provided important guidance regarding his prior ruling in the same case denying defendants’ motions to dismiss – a decision which he stated “was probably one of the more frequently misrepresented or misunderstood rulings of mine.”  See Pontiac Gen. Employees Retirement Syst. v. Ballantine, C.A. No. 9789-VCL (Del. Ch. May 8, 2015).  In explaining his prior ruling, Vice Chancellor Laster sought to dispel what he characterized as “an alarmist view that liability, in fact, was established” by his prior ruling.
Click here to download the Morris Nichols analysis of the ruling. 


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