Sustainability & Environmental Awareness

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

Morris Nichols is committed to promoting environmental sustainability. We have adopted an Environmental Policy and established a number of initiatives aimed at minimizing the impact of the firm’s operations on the environment.  Through our Executive Committee and senior operations management, we monitor our performance towards meeting our sustainability goals and continuously seek out areas for improvement.

Managing Our Environmental Footprint

Morris Nichols has taken a number of steps to reduce our overall environmental impact including:

  • Implementing a comprehensive, firm-wide recycling program.
  • Installing water filtration units and reducing the consumption of single-use plastic bottles.
  • Reducing the volume of copy paper used through duplex printing, electronic document review, and digital document management.
  • Modernizing our fleet of printers to reduce energy consumption.
  • Incorporating energy saving measures into the firm’s office space such as reflective window film on all exterior windows and a state-of-the-art automated lighting system, with T5 or LED bulbs and occupancy sensors in each workspace.
  • Promoting the use of technologies that provide alternatives to business travel such as video and web-based conferencing systems.

Implementing Sustainable Procurement Policies

We have adopted a procurement program that takes into account the environmental impact of the products and services we utilize and supports the purchase and utilization of environmentally friendly products.

Promoting Employee Awareness and Accountability

Our employees play a vital role in helping the firm meet its sustainability goals. Through regular awareness campaigns, we ensure that our employees are mindful of the environmental impact of their work and regularly encourage their input on how the firm can better promote a culture of sustainability.