Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We strive to realize the true value of our constituents –attorneys, staff and clients –by fully integrating their unique talents and perspectives into every aspect of our business.

Morris Nichols is committed to promoting the diversity of our Firm and to creating a work environment that values the backgrounds and contributions of each individual employed here.  We believe that an inclusive culture improves the scope as well as the quality of our legal practice, aids us in responding to the needs of our clients, and helps us thrive as a member of the national legal community.

Our priority is to recruit, retain and promote individuals not just without regard to their race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status or physical challenge, but because of these unique qualities and the value they bring to our firm.

Several years ago we developed a Diversity Committee to oversee the implementation of our initiative. We seek highly qualified attorneys of all backgrounds.  Our recruiting mandate is to hire the best of the best, without regard to gender, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, disability, ethnicity, or religious background.  As part of our strategic recruiting plan, we have adopted the goal of improving the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women and minority attorneys at the Firm.  In an effort to manage these diversity initiatives proactively, Morris Nichols formed a Diversity Committee, currently chaired by Tarik Haskins, tasked to work with the Firm’s other committees and to provide recommendations to the Executive Committee on ways to integrate awareness of diversity issues within the Firm.

We have a vibrant Women’s Initiative to promote the successful development and advancement of our women attorneys, and are proud of the promotion of diverse attorneys to leadership positions throughout the Firm. Women attorneys play important roles in the administration and operation of our business.  Currently, women partners serve the Firm in a wide range of leadership capacities, often as heads of important internal committees, and including participation on the Firm’s Executive Committee.

Recognizing that talented candidates may be unaware of the opportunities at Morris Nichols, we have made a concerted effort to Get Involved by raising the visibility of our Firm among law schools and law students to further our message that Morris Nichols values diversity in our workplace.  The Delaware Minority Job Fair (DMJF) is sponsored each year by the Delaware State Bar Association and a group of legal employers interested in increasing diversity in the Delaware legal and business communities.  The DMJF is a unique opportunity for law students not only to interview with a variety of well-respected Delaware employers, but also to learn about the practice of law in Delaware from leaders of its legal community.  Morris Nichols has been responsible for organizing the Job Fair numerous times, most recently in 2005.

Morris Nichols has developed Work-Life Balance policies designed to ensure that availing oneself of alternative work arrangements does not eliminate you from advancement within the Firm.  We have provided for domestic partner benefits and the “gross-up” pay benefit for our LGBT employees to mitigate the impact of federal law that treats money spent by an employee for his/her domestic partner’s medical insurance as taxable income, while that paid for a spouse’s medical insurance is not.