Business Litigation

The Corporate Litigation Group.  The Corporate Litigation Group represents corporations, directors, substantial shareholders, partnerships, limited and general partners, and limited liability companies in lawsuits involving challenges to mergers, acquisitions and financing transactions, takeover battles and proxy contests, issues under the Delaware corporate and other business entity statutes, and class and derivative actions asserting breaches of fiduciary duty.

Because of the importance of the Delaware corporate law and the Delaware Court of Chancery's position as the preeminent court in the United States for the resolution of business disputes, the cases in which the Group serves as counsel often involve issues of national significance. In addition, because Delaware is the chosen state of incorporation for the majority of Fortune 500 corporations, many of the clients that the Group represents are multi-billion dollar national and international corporations, including The Coca-Cola Company, Ford Motor Company, Viacom Inc., BP Amoco, Wyeth (formerly American Home Products), Hallmark, Unocal Corporation, and Sabre/Travelocity. On a daily basis, members of the Group litigate with and against many of the top lawyers and law firms around the nation. The attorneys in the Group have argued many of the landmark cases that establish the principles of Delaware corporate law and define the fiduciary duties that govern boards of directors of many of the major corporations in the United States.

In addition to its sophisticated and dynamic litigation practice, the Group also assists the Corporate Law Counseling Group in pre-litigation planning matters such as mergers and acquisitions, conflict transactions, restructurings, and proxy contests and consent solicitations. The Group also advises special committees charged with reviewing conflict transactions and shareholder derivative claims. Members of the Corporate Litigation Group play key roles in the drafting and updating of the Delaware General Corporation Law and have testified as expert witnesses on Delaware law issues in courts of other jurisdictions and foreign countries.

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