Bar Elections

Since the first Morris Nichols attorney served as President of the Delaware State Bar Association in 1950, a Morris Nichols attorney has been President on average every eight years.  This service reflects the esteem of their colleagues within the Bar and demonstrates their dedication to the profession and the community. During their respective tenures, with the firm’s full support, six partners spearheaded significant revisions to the laws of the state, affected positive change in working relationships among industry and professional groups, and established measures to provide for the unmet legal needs of the most underserved in the community.

Bench Appointments                                   

An impressive number of Morris Nichols attorneys have been appointed to serve on the highly regarded Courts of Delaware.  These appointments include one of the five current Delaware Supreme Court Justices, a former Delaware Supreme Court Justice, the current Chancellor of the Court of Chancery, one of the four current Vice Chancellors, the immediate past Chancellor of the Court of Chancery, a former Vice Chancellor, a current senior Judge on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, three former Judges of the Federal District Court for Delaware, one current and three former Delaware Superior Court Judges and two former Family Court Judges, including one Chief Judge.

Committee Service

Morris Nichols is committed not only to excellence and high standards in the practice of law, but also to the continual improvement of the legal profession overall.  Our lawyers seek to maintain the highest standards of professionalism through service on the Delaware Long Range Courts Planning Commission, the Delaware Supreme Court Board on Professional Responsibility, the Rules Committees of the Delaware State and Federal Courts, the Community Legal Aid Society, and the Board of Bar Examiners.

Legal Association Memberships

Morris Nichols attorneys participate actively as members of national organizations such as the American Bar Association, the American Law Institute, the American Bar Foundation, The American College of Trial Lawyers, the American Bankruptcy Institute, and the American Intellectual Property Law Association. 

Publications & Speaking Engagements

Our attorneys are frequently tapped as speakers on legal panels for national audiences. We regularly publish articles in national legal publications and author books and treatises on Delaware law that reach a national audience.  The national legal and business press looks to Morris Nichols as an important source for commentary on legal issues emanating from federal and state courts.



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