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The Delaware Supreme Court Limits the Reach of Jurisdiction Over Foreign Corporations

The Delaware Supreme Court recently issued an important opinion overruling its long-standing decision in Sternberg v. O’Neil, 550 A. 2d 1105 (1988) and holding that the Delaware registration statute does not provide a basis for asserting general personal jurisdiction over foreign corporations in Delaware. Genuine Parts Co. v. Cepec, No. 528, 2015 (Apr. 18, 2016). The Court held that a foreign... Continue Reading

Overview of the Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act and Other Relevant Delaware M&A Issues

The Business Law Section of the American Bar Association hosted the 2016 Spring Meeting in Montréal from April 7 to 9, 2016. Former Vice Chancellor and Morris Nichols senior counsel Donald F. Parsons, Jr. served as a panelist in the Dispute Resolution Committee program, “Managing Cross-Border M&A Disputes for Effective Resolution and Enforcement” on April 8. Don’s presentation,... Continue Reading

Initial Civil Appeals: Delaware

A Q&A guide to appealing from a trial court of general jurisdiction in Delaware. This Q&A addresses starting an appeal (as of right or by permission), obtaining a stay pending appeal, completing preliminary requirements (like mediation), submitting a factual record or appendix, briefing the appeal, arguing the appeal and requesting rehearing... Continue Reading

Delaware Court of Chancery Awards Less Than Merger Price in Appraisal Proceeding

In a decision consistent with the outcome of a number of recent appraisal cases, the Delaware Court of Chancery in LongPath Capital, LLC v. Ramtron International Corp. relied on the negotiated merger price as the best evidence of “fair value” for purposes of Section 262 of the Delaware General Corporation Law.  And, in the most noteworthy portion of the decision, the Court... Continue Reading


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